Property renovations on long term residential letting investment. Multiple properties on Rothesay Place, Edinburgh.


International investor via a national letting & estate agent.


The client had invested in 24 flats in Edinburgh that had originally been traditional Victorian town-houses. These properties were being used as serviced apartments when they were purchased by the investor.

The client required smart renovations in the style of the street and surroundings. These were to be completed to a high standard within reasonable budgets for suitable investment yield.


As a highly skilled, multi-trade organisation, all divisions within the McBean Land & Property Group were involved with this project.

Services provided:

Joinery, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, tiling, plastering, decoration, carpeting/flooring, rendering, cleaning, all compliance work and project management.


As this project was on a significantly old building, and kicked off within pandemic restrictions, there were many challenges to be overcome. These included:

  • Material shortages and lead time due to external influencers; Brexit and COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A major leak within one of the properties was found, which lead to an insurance claim. This leak was traced back to a burst pipe. However, the entire claim and repair process was managed for the client.
  • There were many building age related issues, including external water ingress. To fix this issue the affected area was sandblasted inside and out, before being repaired. The external area was re-rendered and internal area fitted with a damp-proof membrane.
  • As in many projects, timescale and budget was of significant importance and in this case ambitious.


We are very proud of the results achieved within the clients requirements and restrictions. the age of this building was always going to through up surprises, and it didn’t disappoint! However, this in when the true benefits of a multi-trade organisation come to the fore, and each challenge was handled professionally and efficiently.

The client was delighted with the results achieved and has now been able to move forward with his investment plans.